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Tenant Services

We offer services for Prospective Tenants including: Property Search, Application Completion and Lease Signing.  


Property Search:

Gather requirements including location, size and cost

Help understand buy vs rent decision

MLS Property Search

Schedule and conduct property showings


Application Completion:

Determine application requirements

Determine move-in costs


Lease Signing:

Lease review

Lease signing


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We recognize that there are many people that rent that wish to purchase in the future. We can help you create a plan that will move you closer to home ownership. 


Meet with one of our consultants today.  


Please access our free reports today!

Rental Application
Rental Application for our properties
Sample Lease
Sample Lease
Tenant Repair Request Form
If you require maintenance on a property we manage, please fill out the form and fax to the office at 321-254-1350 or email at info@85andsunnypropertymanagement.com. If this is an emergency, please follow up with a phone call to 321-254-1353.
Renting vs. Buying - What you should know
This report will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both renting and buying.
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